Collaborative Workplace

The Digital Coach
for Leaders and Teams

Cowplace is a cutting-edge AI-powered digital coach that helps you reflect, explore, and grow. It's the perfect leadership and team development tool for today's busy world.

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The Digital CoachThe Digital Coach
The Digital Coach

An open, collaborative workplace

One of the biggest challenges faced by leaders and teams is creating a safe space so that information can flow freely. COWPlace's artificial intelligence facilitates conversations between employees about what's working, what's not, and why, guiding teams to enhance their performance.

The Digital Coach

The latest research and theory

The world's first digital leadership coach does not come from guesswork. It comes from the best of org. psychology theory and research that's been developed over decades, making sure you're learning from the best.

The personal touch

Unlike other coaches that are just generic pre-scripted programs, COWPlace is powered by rich artificial intelligence. It is handcrafted to understand your unique challenges and goals.

Feedback from our testers

I noticed that it completely pulled me into a different mode of reflection. I wasn't just “testing this thing”, it felt like a serious conversation. I really had to think thoroughly about the answers I gave, a pretty bizarre experience.

- Knut Petter Rønne
Editor at Dagens Perspektiv

It's an opportunity to get to a new place in a discussion. It opens up a room of decisions on how to see, and what to say about my work environment. So it opens this room for reflection, and then a potential room for action.

- Jan Ketil Arnulf
Professor in Organizational Psychology


All dimensions
of Industrial and Org.
Psychology in one place

Identify training and
development needs

Personally tailored
training programs

Exclusive courses
and seminars

Access to
COWPlace network

And much more to come

Collaborative Workplace

How it Works

Collaborative Workplace
Collaborative Workplace

Natural Language Processing

COWPlace functions solely through voice. You can reflect and speak freely about whatever that comes to mind.

Collaborative Workplace

Machine Learning

Our machine learning algorithms are set to nuanced tasks of interpreting your thoughts, feelings, emotions and observations, and how these are linked to real life themes and contexts.

Collaborative Workplace

Organizational Psychology

The interpretations are then fed into a massive repertoire of state-of-the-art Organizational Psychology theory and research, to discern between insight that is relevant for you and your organization.

Collaborative Workplace

Sorting Themes and Topics

Finally, the relevant theory is sorted to get a broad picture of the themes that you describe, which can then be used to give you feedback, ask relevant questions, provide reflections, and much more.

Collaborative Workplace

A safe place to speak

Whenever you speak to a coach, COWPlace only stores information within a 60 minutes time frame. After that, the data is deleted permanently, making COWPlace safer than any meeting room.

Collaborative Workplace

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